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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Pittsburgh, Pa based Underground Hip Hop Artist, Ruger Rome has set the underground music scene on fire. Ruger Rome rose to ranks while being a stand out performer with his group, Grimey Click. Ruger, along with Grimey Click went on viscous attack on Pittsburgh's music scene electrifying crowds during live performances amassing a wealth of fans in the process. Unfortunately, the group parted ways and Ruger was struck with a tragic series of events that was culminated by him going blind in one eye. Falling into a deep depression, Ruger Rome stepped away from music, however, his passion and will to fight led him to overcoming the obstacles and re-emerge as a solo artist under his newly formed label, Deeper Than Rap Records. Ruger Rome began recording and using his music as the therapy he needed to continue to persevere as challenges with the death of family and friends continued to plague him. He enlisted the talents of Her Vision Media to document his meteroic rise back into the music scene. Together, along with his loyal fans, family and management team, created the WE ARE DTR DOCUMENTARY. WE ARE DTR goes behind the music of Ruger Rome and features captivating testimonials from those who have been closest to Ruger throughout his tenure as a polished recording artist. WE ARE DTR is NOW AVAILABLE on Ruger Rome's website, and on YouTube.


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