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Muney Lane Muzik Tribute To Life Benefit Concert

On July 18th, 2019, Muney Lane Muzik will be hosting a Tribute to Life Benefit Concert in the City of Pittsburgh’s North Shore neighborhood. The event will take place at the Stage AE located at 400 North Shore Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15212, from 6pm to 11pm. The benefit proceeds will provide funds to purchase a building to provide resources for the educational, and economic empowerment of the youth and families throughout the City of Pittsburgh. It will also be a life celebration and tribute to the late Jimmy Wopo. Muney Lane Muzik understands that violence in the City of Pittsburgh has major impacts on many aspects of the community. We believe that the passing of Jimmy Wopo can be an opportunity to bring the larger community together to make a positive change. Deandre Cain Aka Baby Jway Jimmy’s younger brother (13) will be headlining a “CHANGE FOR CHANGE TOUR” to raise funds to purchase a multi purpose building for inner city youth. This tour is also a way to promote our BENEFIT OF LIFE concert. The focus of the Benefit Concert will be to provide resources to children through financial literacy education and business fundamentals. To make this event a success for all involved we need your support and participation. We are requesting assistance from the community, community businesses, stakeholders and organizations to provide: monetary assistance and/or donations. We appreciate your consideration in joining us to make a positive impact in our great city. It is going to take all of us working together to make a difference for our youth and families. 

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