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Music is her, she is music. With a father who is a former emcee/ producer and a mother who is a writer, dancer, and singer. Joelle Felder was destined to be a musician.

Bouncing between the cities of Pittsburgh, PA and Charlotte, NC is when Joelle found her niche for music. At an early age she participated in talent shows and pageants. As she got older she attended Charlotte School for Performing Arts. While there, she began to find a love for entertainment as a whole. She took on a liking for writing, acting, visual arts and more. With her family going through a tough time they were forced to move. With their return to Pittsburgh she now had to attend a public school.

Holding onto a dream, Joelle would write music and sing for fun. At the age of 16, Joelle was introduced to the Alumni Theater Company (A.T.C). Falling in love with the fact that they performed musicals, and original shows, Joelle auditioned and got accepted. While a member of A.T.C, Joelle performed in the musical "Aida" and "I Am An Artist" where she created and performed an original piece.

After graduating high school 2014 she realized how strong her love for the music was and Juiced Up Joey emerged. This is when she wrote and recorded her first song. Networking around the city of Pittsburgh Juiced Up Joey being to meet and link with different producers and artist.

In 2017 Juiced Up Joey linked with KK Management and Productions, LLC. Since then, her music career has taken off with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Juiced Up Joey has toured with performances not only in Pittsburgh, but Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York, and more.

April 2018 Juiced Up Joey released her debut studio project/EP "First Try" for free which can be found on Tidal, Spotify, and all of your music streaming sites. She has released a video for her lead single for the project “Deception” shot and edited by C4 Digital/HeadShot Films. She has been on tour opening for artist such as Rico Nasty, Jimmi Montana, Slim Jenkinz, and Jennifair. Juiced Up Joey has also landed a role in the movie “Winner’s Circle”, which will be available soon. She also has released an unfiltered interview/documentary into her life titled “100% Juice No Artificial Flavors”, which can be found on YouTube.

There will be no slowing down for Juiced Joey in 2019, as she prepares to release her sophnore studio album “100% Juice" produced by Pittsburgh’s own super producer/ engineer/ artist Stevie B.





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