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Kay DaButtonPusha Bey is an American entrepreneur, entertainer, producer, author, international award winning videographer, HipHopTherapy Teacher, and MultiMedia Studio Owner.

Once known for her 20 years of service with her first company Just Pressin Buttons Productions for showcasing Independent Talent by way of on stage and TV showcases, she now reigns at her own studio,  Grind City which is located in Swissvale Pa.

Grind City Media LLC is her new company which has been in existence for the last four years. The studio houses a music recording studio, photo and video studio and a livestream TV studio.

From Grind City Studio she has been able to create 2 international award winning videos ( Italy & India), work even harder to teach HipHop Therapy at two Pittsburgh area Hospitals (Children's and McKeesport) as a part of the Sonny Purgar Music Smiles Program and has continued to build upon the success of her online series completing 100 shows of her online TV show GoLiveTv Hour, almost 300 shows of Can I Get a 16 and creating several more on-line Tv shows; SheTv, GCLive and a new series called GC Unplugged as apart of her new brand Intimate Entertainment.

People who follow DaButtonPusha know she is one of the hardest working women in the independent artist scene to date.

 She is self taught, ever learning, ever teaching and constant motivating and setting standards for indie artist.

She has recently released her first book DaBuilding Process and documentary DaButtonPusha Who on

She has effectively touched five generations of people in her twenty four years of service and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

To learn more about DaButtonPusha visit her profile on Www.GrindCity.Biz/DaButtonpusha.

Follow her and her brands on

Ig @mediagrindcity @dabuttonpusha @canIgeta16

TWITTER: @mediagrindcity @dabuttonpusha

Facebook @TheGrindCity

Kay Bey
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